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Blogging takes a lot of time. When you have a small team and resources get stretched, the first marketing activity to suffer is blogging. Blogging is without a doubt one of the best ways to communicate with your potential customers, and it is the only way for you to effectively target long tail keyword terms on your own website.

Content Hero is here to help your business grow online through the production and publishing of top quality blog posts. We will work with your company – as an extension of your team – and manage your blog for you. This process is incredibly simple and we have fine tuned how we do it.

With our blog post writing and publishing services there is no risk to yourself. We do not ask for administrative access to your website. All we need is an author account through which we can upload content and media. We keep all usernames and passwords on an encrypted hard drive… our brains. We are also happy to sign any NDA and publish content as ghost writers, assigning whoever you like as the author.

We have the experience to take your business blogging efforts to the next level.

Blog Publishing Service - Content Hero
Abdul Zhar
“We trust Content Hero explicitly. We have been working with them now for over 8 months and we have never been happier. We can leave them to blog on our behalf and the results are always fantastic – time on page has increased and we have also seen an uptick in sales. Marvelous doesn’t cut it.”

Abdul Zhar, Accounts Manager, SECreative.

Blog Publishing Service

At Content Hero we offer a fully featured blog publishing service – we will create, edit, format and then log-in to your blog’s CMS and publish your articles for you. This will save you valuable time and due to our extensive blogging experience we can ensure that every post we publish for you looks fantastic.

We have professional blog publishing experience on,, Blogger, Tumblr, Medium, Svbtle, Typepad, and we have also worked with 10+ different bespoke content management systems. Our team are experienced with a variety of different SEO plug-ins and we can optimise your posts for the search engines as we go along. We can also source images for your post that are sized perfectly for your content, and we can also source video and format it to fit your blog.

Our blog publishing services and solutions are fully featured, and we can provide a fully tailored service to suit your needs.

Blog Writing Services

When it comes to blogging, many company’s simply don’t have time to produce their content. Then begins the process of testing out tens of freelancers and never quite getting the quality that you need to make your blog work. At Content Hero, we understand your frustration, which is why we go out of our way to produce stunning blog posts for our customers.

Our blog writing services will be tailored toward your needs. Our services are cost-effective, reliable, and our expert team will thoroughly research your industry to offer advice on the quickest route to a healthy return on investment. Whether you want to add blog posts to your website purely to keep it freshly indexed by the search engines or you want blog posts for your website that are going to interact with your customers and get shared, we can help.

All of our writers speak English as their first language and are based in the UK.

WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Drupal, TypePad, bespoke systems – whatever your CMS, our team can work with it.

When you work with Content Hero, you are working with a highly experienced team, made up of writers, proofreaders, editors, marketers and bloggers. We have the skills needed to efficiently manage your blog for you. No other content writing agency offers as comprehensive a blog publishing service in the UK.

Our blog publishing service is competitively priced. Our cost includes our regular £0.04 per word flat fee for writing, and then just a little bit extra, which covers our time…

…uploading blog posts and publishing them isn’t a straight-forward process: each blog post needs to be formatted to your websites design and further edited in the back-end for visual impact.

Blog Publishing Prices

Here are our prices for blog publishing. We have three different monthly packages, which we feel are suited to the vast majority of businesses, bloggers and brands. If however you cannot find a package that suits your needs, simply get in touch with us today to discuss bespoke solutions.


4 blog posts p/m (1 per week).

400 – 420 words each.

Copyscape guarantee.

Research included.

£89 p/m.


8 blog posts p/m (2 per week).

400 – 420 words each.

Copyscape guarantee.

Research Included.

£129 p/m.


16 blog posts p/m (4 per week).

400 – 420 words each.

Copyscape guarantee.

Research Included.

£239 p/m.

To find out more about our blog writing and publishing services, please get in touch with us today – and yes, we love coffee!