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Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing engagingrelevant and valuable content that aims to generate a form of positive reaction from the reader. Good content marketing clearly understands a target audience and consistently finds potential customers.

This is achieved by communicating information to your customer that benefits them.

At Content Hero we work with start-ups, blue chip companies, corporations, global brands and digital agencies. We empower our clients’ content marketing efforts by planning, researching and creating high quality custom content and by offering guidance on publishing and promotion.

Content marketing needs to be tailored towards a business’s needs and marketing goals in order to be as effective as possible. Although content marketing is a generic term it is not a one size fits all practice. Therefore, we plan strategy with our clientele on a one to one basis, tailoring our content marketing services to their exact needs.

Articles, blog posts, case studies, competitions, e-books, infographics and press releases are the most common forms of content which make up a marketing strategy. We offer writing services for all of these formats.

Here are some very interesting facts and statistics about content marketing.

78% of chief marketing officers think custom content is the future of marketing.

Content Marketing

According to this infographic entitled The Current State of Content Marketing:

– 60% of people are inspired to seek out a product after reading content that covers it

– 60% of consumers enjoy reading relevant content from brands

62% of companies outsource their content marketing

– 70% of people would rather learn about a company through an article than an advert.

Other content marketing statistics include:

– 82% of consumers like to read branded content when it is relevant to them

– 67% vs. 50% of an audience is persuaded by a message with visual information

– Articles with images get 94% more visitors

– 63% of eCommerce customers think that a products image is more important than product specific information

–  42% of companies believe that they lack the resources to execute a successful content marketing strategy

According to the graph above, the biggest challenge content marketers face is producing engaging content. The second biggest challenge is producing enough content.

Content Marketing Services

Content Hero helps you, the marketer, tackle the above challenges head on with our talented team of writers. We specialise in the production of high quality custom content. We work with small and large organisations to develop a content marketing strategy that yields superb results. We achieve this by crafting content that’s relevant, engaging and beneficial to your audience.

Content Marketing Solutions

Our talented team of in-house content writers and marketers know what it takes to develop compelling copy. We write content daily for tens of niches, and our customer reviews speak for themselves. The content marketing solutions we offer include blog post writing, guest post writing, press release writing, web page copywriting, e-book writing and we also work on several different formats too.

All fantastic marketing requires great content.

No matter what type of marketing a company undertakes great content writing is key to its success; social media marketing requires compelling content for status updates; SEO requires great content in order for a website to rank; PR agencies need great content for a press release to be compelling; PPC campaigns require great content behind them in order to be effective; inbound marketing requires great content to maximise potential leads.

Whichever you look at it, your company needs amazing content. Whether you produce that content in-house or outsource it to a content writing agency like Content Hero doesn’t matter, but what does matter is that any content created is relevant to your target audience.

If you have a lot of content that is generic and un-targeted, your content marketing campaign will not yield good results. It is therefore the most important step of your whole campaign to get your content right first time.

By producing relevant content that potential customers can engage with businesses worldwide can communicate with clients and command respect, loyalty and brand awareness.

The types of content that can be created.

There are plenty of types of content that your business can create, each of which has its own purpose.

That purpose is to either entertaininspireeducate or convince the reader.

The aim of content marketing is to attract and convert customers consistently without providing a direct sell.

This is achieved through communicating to your customer information that benefits them.

Whether your company deals B2C, B2B or is a non profit organisation, content marketing if carried out effectively will help you attract more customers. The trick is to distribute content in such a way that it reaches the right people. If it does, your content will have the opportunity to entertain, educate and convince customers in to a form of positive reaction.

Here are several different types of content for your inspiration.


– Branded video

– Games

– Quizzes

– Competitions


– Reviews

– Celebrity endorsements

– Forums and commenting

– Social media


– Articles

– Infographics

– Press releases

– Ebooks


– Client testimonials

– Case studies

– Webinars

– Events

As you can see, each type of content has its own aim. Which type of content will work best for you depends on your niche and the size of your company.

Some of the biggest brands in the world have fantastic content marketing campaigns. Coca Cola, Red Bull and Oreo are typical examples. Whilst your company may not have multi-million pound budgets like these, there are certainly types of content that will work for you, such as articles, reviews, infographics, press releases and case studies.

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