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By Jakk Ogden on April 11, 2013 in Content Tips

At Content Hero we believe that we provide the best web content writing services in the UK, with a genuine passion for every word that we write.

We have a talented team of writers just itching to write content for your digital agency and over the past 2 weeks alone, we have written over 300 blog posts with a combined word count of over 120,000. Every single one of those words was written with passion, and our meticulous attention to detail ensures that every single finished piece of content that gets signed off is ready for publishing.

1. We understand content marketing

When you work with Content Hero to deliver top quality content writing, you do not hire any mere writing team. We understand the process of content marketing thoroughly, with the people behind Content Hero having worked within a number of managerial and directing roles within the online marketing industry. Our blog, for example, is our own number one content marketing focus and we also have in the pipeline over 30 different articles being crafted to be published elsewhere online in the form of guest posts. We like to think of ourselves as the A-team of content writing, and our strive for quality perfectly matches the creative, intelligent and simply downright fabulous clients we work alongside of now.

2. We offer a 100% free trial on our content writing services

We are so confident that potential clients will love our content writing services that we offer the ability for them to try us out for free, with no questions asked. Our expert team of writers will lovingly hand craft a 400 word blog post for you on any subject that you like. If you love our content and need a batch of articles, we would relish the opportunity to create them for you. Our price of just £0.04 per word means that you could get 10 400 word blog posts for just £160. We have a free lee-way of 20 words on all of the content that we write, and so whether your blog posts are 410 words, 414 words or 420 words, you will pay just £12 per head for them. Isn’t that just amazing value?

3. A UK business with UK writers

Content Hero is a UK business, a trading name of Punchy Media LLP. The whole team at Content Hero are from the UK and based in the UK, and all of our team speak English as their first language. 4 out of 10 of our authors have a Bachelor’s degree in English, and the remaining six have worked for local and national newspapers, through either a print column or an online blog.

4. Copyscape pass guarantee

At Content Hero we are not in the business of using any form of software to create our content, nor are we in the business of misleading our clients. All of our content is 100% unique 100% of the time, and we offer a Copyscape pass guarantee on all of the content that we write. For any form of quotes or references, we always provide links within content written to respective sources.

5. We are a unique team just itching to work with you

There are many content writing companies out there each competing to win your business. Content Hero is unique and a cut above the rest due to our experience, quality control and price. You will not be able to find and source a company like Content Hero in the UK, because we offer something other content writing agencies cannot: passion. We think of our keyboards much like an artist thinks of their paint brush – we have the right tools for the job, and the talent to deliver. Are you ready to take your content marketing to the next level?

Get in touch with the team at Content Hero today to maximise your content marketing strategy with engaging, relevant and searchable content. Email us at or give us a call on 0845 094 6193.

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