FAQ: What makes Content Hero the BEST Content Writing Agency?

By Jakk Ogden on July 26, 2013 in Content Tips, FAQ

This is part of our questions and answers series where we will be detailing what you can expect from the content writing services Content Hero offers. Our last FAQ blog post detailed whether we outsource content writing abroad.

FAQ: What makes Content Hero the BEST Content Writing Agency?

We do not think that we are better than anybody. The truth is, there are a lot of content writing agencies out there who are perfectly capable of writing well and delivering content that works. BUT, there are several reasons as to why Content Hero offers a higher level of service than other writing agencies and several reasons why you should choose Content Hero as your team of writers.

We have written content for companies in almost every niche.

We have an extremely diverse client portfolio which includes digital agencies, stand alone businesses and non-profit organisations. Industries we have written content for include aerospace , auto and cars, business (IT, branding, marketing, market research, HR, finance, eCommerce), consumer electronics (iPhone, Nexus, Tablets, Ultrabooks, HiFi), debt consolidation, gardening and landscaping, house and home (loft conversion, building maintenance, products), pets and animals, medical and first aid, industry technology (thermal imaging, night vision), gambling and casino, music (indie, rock, dance, R ‘n’ B, dubstep) as well as many more.

There is, quite literally, nothing we won’t write about. We have even worked with explicit clients that other agencies would turn down in a flash.

We have written content for tens of different formats.

Games, quizzes, polls, infographics, ebooks, widgets, press releases, articles, squeeze pages, case studies, data sheets;  we have written content for tens of different formats and cater our writing services to our clients needs.

Our article writing services are, however, our stand out format; we regularly cover current events, counter positions, motivational triggers, myth busting, niche jargon, personal stories, reviews, guides, how-to’s, tips plus much more.

We don’t just understand content marketing. We live it.

Content writers are, as their name suggests, writers. However, at Content Hero we pride ourselves on having industry knowledge which exceeds that of our competitors.

We define content marketing as “the process of creating and distributing engaging, relevant and valuable content that aims to generate a form of positive reaction from the reader. Good content marketing clearly understands a target audience and consistently finds potential customers.”

We only produce content that will have IMPACT on your marketing strategy.

We get to know you.

Many content writing agencies want you to order articles though their website. That’s fine. At Content Hero, we want to talk to you and get to know you. All of our customers think of us as an external branch to their team and this is something we take great pride in.

We believe that for content to be as effective as possible it needs to speak directly to your target customer. We ALWAYS achieve perfection in this area. Why? Because we get to know your potential customer as well as you do.

Quality guaranteed.

We have served hundreds of customers and almost all of them have said the same thing; that they’ve been stung by bad writers in the past. We believe that you should be guaranteed quality when you order, which is why we offer a Copyscape pass guarantee (we have a subscription to Copyscape Premium and offer this peace of mind free of charge) and research all of the topics we write on thoroughly.

Prices that blow away the competition.

£0.04 per word. £16 per 400 word blog post. £4 per 100 words. Whichever way you look at our prices, you can always come to the conclusion that they are fantastic value for money. Our nearest competitor charges £0.04 per word and feedback from our clients who have worked with that competitor in the past prefer our writing in every single way.

Our quality is high and our prices are low. You will always get the BEST DEAL with Content Hero.

Get in touch with the team at Content Hero today to maximise your content marketing strategy with engaging, relevant and searchable content. Email us at info@contenthero.co.uk or give us a call on 0845 094 6193.

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