Information for Clients – Terms

The below terms and conditions govern the terms associated with the services Content Hero provides.

Content brief

Content Hero will commence work on a project upon receipt of an email agreeing to quotes and delivery.

All orders requested through Content Hero must be done so through email.

Each party must agree to a work load before work can be carried out.

Content delivery and revisions

Upon work completion Content Hero will deliver all content orders through email. It is the buyer’s responsibility to check through articles to assess their quality, although we do have a strict quality process in-house.

Content revision applies during the content delivery period only and it includes editing, not complete rewrites. Revision only applies to copywriting where we have failed to deliver to a brief.

For example, if we write in the third person instead of the first person, or if we include bullet points when there was a specific request for no bullet points, we will happily revise the content. We will not revise content for any issues not relating to a failure of brief delivery.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to check all content written by Content Hero. Once payment has been made for work carried out the content revision period no longer applies.

Content ownership

Content Hero owns all content supplied up until the point of payment. All services and products supplied by Content Hero are not owned by the customer until the total invoice balance has been paid. This includes all writing edited or unedited by the client.

Once Content Hero has received payment in full, full ownership for all content passes to the Client.


Content Hero requires that all invoices received by a buying party must be paid in full within 7 days, unless stated otherwise in writing by Content Hero.

Content Hero accepts payment through BACS only. All payment details will be included within your invoice.

Buyers outside the UK, including the US, South Africa and Australia, must pay for all content upfront.

Any single order over the value of £500 must be paid half in advance and half after completion, unless a prior agreement has been arranged.

Late payments

Content Hero works on a 7 day invoice term. If you cannot meet this request, we can extend this to 30 days in certain cases but only if arranged.

For late payments which are overdue by more than 30 days, we will send reminders. We reserve the right to commence legal action on any business or individual that does not pay their invoices.


Content Hero and Punchy Media Ltd will not accept liability for any consequences, losses or damages that may arise from any clients or customers that fail to ensure they meet relevant copyright and trademark laws (for any material or media used) in the UK and other relevant countries.

Content Hero and Punchy Media Ltd will also not be liable for any loss of earnings, costs or compensation that is incurred because of any failure to meet specific deadlines.

Copyright Notice

Copyright protection, and other relevant intellectual property rights, exists on all electronic and printed text relating to Content Hero’s services, including the content of this website. Reproduction, republication, or redistribution of any part of this website, by any means, is prohibited without the express written consent of Content Hero and Punchy Media Limited.