We write top quality blog posts, guest posts, website copy and press releases.

Our content writing services are for start-ups, SMEs, digital agencies and global brands who want to reach highly targeted customers.

We write anything and everything our clients require.

We write product descriptions, product reviews, service pages, about and contact pages, blog posts, guest posts, evergreen content and sales copy. If there’s anything we missed out, there’s a chance we write that too. Here’s a little bit more about our services:

Content Writing Services

At Content Hero we help UK digital agencies keep on top of their content marketing efforts by offering a unique solution to an issue many large digital agencies have: managing multiple clients. We provide digital agencies with a complete content writing solution for all of their clients, delivering content that’s smart, searchable and perhaps most of all user engaging. We understand content marketing, and know what it takes to make it a success.

Content Writing Solutions

Our content team write on hundreds of topics and have a collective article writing experience of over 30 years, from journalism in national and local newspapers to hugely popular websites and blogs online. We create thought provoking, searchable content for websites and blogs that visitors and the search engines love. Our content writing solutions deliver maximum impact to take content marketing to the next level.

Blog Post Writing

Adding content to a blog is essential to keep a website freshly indexed by the search engines and promote individual products and services. At Content Hero we can write high quality, user engaging blog posts in any style you like. Whether you require guides, how to posts, industry news, editorials or promotional content we can deliver.

Guest Post Writing

Guest posts are a fantastic way to build links to a website for search engine rankings. At Content Hero we have written over 500 guest posts all of which have been published online with success. We read a blogs requirements and tailor our guest posts to the webmasters needs. You will receive guest posts that the blog in question will simply love.

Press Release Writing

We consider press releases to be essential marketing copy, and have written hundreds of successful press releases which have gone on to cause significant positive feedback from customers. Our press releases can be tailored how you like them, and will be written with a brands ideology in mind. Our goal with any press release is for it to effectively convert.

Web Copywriting

Creating website content is not easy, especially considering that the wrong use of words can be the make or break of a potential conversion. At Content Hero we have writers on board who have launched multiple successful businesses online, just itching to deliver website copy for you and your clients that users will engage with and the search engines will rank.

SEO Copywriting

With years’ worth of search engine optimisation experience, our team of authors can craft content for you that the search engines will love. Whether you need content for web pages, blog posts, guest posts, Ezine articles or for anything else, we can deliver and will happily review client websites to craft content that meets brand guidelines.

Full Content Writing Solutions

As well as our individual content writing services we offer digital agencies full content writing solutions which combine all of or some of the types of content that we write. This is perfect for outsourcing the bulk of content creation to be used on client websites and as part of an external marketing campaign. As always, our £0.04 per word price applies.

“Content Hero produce web content with flair. Our client owns an exciting commerce store selling iPhone cases and Content Hero wrote the web copy for 25 of the main internal pages. It scored 95% for SEO and our client is seeing results already. Top job!”

Abdul Zhar, Accounts Manager – SECreative.

Want to work with us? Of course you do! We’ve got a talented team ready to deliver incredible results that will blow your mind.

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