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Not all heroes wear capes or fight crime with a Batarang. We use our wit and a keyboard. 

Since 2012, our content writing agency has helped develop and create industry-leading content for other businesses as a trusted outsourcing partner. Our clients include FTSE 250 companies, challenger brands, SMEs and start-ups. We are proud to work with businesses big and small.

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What we’ll do for you

We’ll write brilliant content for your business.

Have clients? We’ll write for them too.

We write articles, landing pages, case studies, evergreen content, product descriptions, brochures and every other format you can name. If you need content for your new website, we’ll write it for you. Want to create content for specific points of your buyer’s journey? We’ll create it. If you’re struggling to create enough content, we’ll smash the bottleneck.

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What you can expect

You can expect a reliable service.

Oh, and brilliant content (but of course).

We write, edit and proofread everything ourselves. We’re NDA and tone of voice document friendly. We are proficient with Trello, Slack, Basecamp and other project management software and we’re happy to write to your brand guidelines. Our briefing process is simple and everything’s project managed. If you’re looking for a content writing agency who have their ducks in a row, you’re in the right place.

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And our fee?

£0.06 to £0.07 per word. Simple. Affordable. And well within your content budget.

That’s £60 to £70 per 1000-words.

Our £0.06 per word fee applies to 50 per cent of projects. Our £0.07 per word fee applies to the other 50 per cent, which is made up of technical and specialist industries. These include legal, finance, accounting, IT, industry, science, automotive, engineering, and manufacturing. Want a quote? All you need to do is ask. We don’t bite.

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Thank you for your interest in Content Hero. Our content writing agency is on a mission to help brands create compelling content experiences. We’ve written over 10 million words for other businesses across all manner of industries. We’ve also written for pretty much every professional out there, from plumbers to stockbrokers. If you’re looking for a content writing partner who’ll deliver a quality end product every time, look no further. You’ve found us.