Amazing Website Content can be the Difference Between Success or Failure

How many times have you searched online for a service, only to almost instantly close down a number of websites you had already opened due to a lack of high quality content? During my time online, I know I have done this a lot.

Your business website will 90% of the time be the first impression a potential client or customer gets of you. Would you go to a job interview without dressing smartly? The same rings true for your content.

Be sure to write content that is smart, written for the end user and makes use of italic and bold to highlight keywords. Amazing web copy can be the difference between generating 50 leads per month as opposed to 10.

As well as making use of italics and highlighting words or phrases of interest, make sure that your web copy speaks to your audience. As a UK business, always make sure you avoid Americanized phrases such as ‘a dime a dozen’ or ‘a chip off the old block’.

Amazing web content = a stickier page and more conversions. Be sure to make a note of that.

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  1. It is highly helpful for me. Huge thumbs up for this website post!

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