Answer the right questions to boost your enquiry rate

Whatever you’re selling, your potential customers have questions about it and you. And if you don’t answer those questions promptly, they will (probably) exit your website without leaving their details. 

There goes that enquiry. See ya, bye. 

Your landing pages (we prefer to call them ‘touch points’) exist to create a relationship between you and your customer and that relationship isn’t forged on marketing spiel. Just like a good first date, the connection is forged by questions, and if you answer the right ones, you give your customer value. You give them a reason to act. 

We’ve seen hundreds of business owners make this same mistake: they get so hung up about themselves and what they think their customer wants to hear, that they forget why the customer is there in the first place.

Guess what? They’ve landed on your site because they want or need something from you. Doesn’t it make sense to make their experience with you an enlightening one?

It can be something as simple as providing the dimensions for a dressing table in a product description, or something as complex as explaining how a cybersecurity package will help the customer meet their GDPR requirements. The topic is the theme and relevancy is the aim of the game here.

Our homepage is a good example. You will see we have answered the questions “What we’ll do for you”, “What you can expect” and “Our prices” as you pan down. These are the burning questions our potential customers have about us, so we designed our homepage around them.

Here’s your takeaway for today: Whatever questions your customers have, answer them. And do so promptly. Put what your customer needs to know at the top of the page in full view. Don’t make them dig for answers because if you do, they might just give up and go elsewhere.


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