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Are you Internally Linking to your Best Content?

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Your website is your online platform for generating sales, and if you have a lot of content on your pages, it makes clear sense to link pages to one another.

A good website design will always allow for easy navigation as well as point out obvious links which a visitor may be interested in, in order to aid them in finding the information that they want. That’s simply a basic practice  of a good website design. The thing is, though, how many times have you visited a website and not been directed to a relevant page after reading through content?

Effective website content is not only about finding the right words which speak to your target audience, it is also about using your content to further drive sales and help a user discover useful information. This is where internal links come in.

From an SEO standpoint internal links cannot be ignored

Sometimes a link from your own website to another page is just as powerful as an external link pointing to your website. If you intelligently inter-link content and pages, the search engines will get a better idea of how your website is structured which will help increase your search engine rankings over time.

Internal links are also a fantastic way to better target long tail keyword terms, which are key to some online companies success.

Bloggers have the right idea

It is bloggers who know the value of internal links better than anybody.

Blog posts are ideal for both internal links and external links to be applied. Link to your internal content in them in order to direct visitors to similar posts and information, and use external links to reference sources and industry authorities.

Internal links are a vital ingredient to marketing and sales copy

For static website copy internal links are essential, where as external ones are less so. Developing powerful marketing copy and sales copy for your website always involves linking to other pages. If you have a services page which lists what your business does, linking to a pricing page and process page as we do at Content Hero is a great way to direct potential customers to pages of interest. If you own a used car website, linking to a search form within your individual car listings is a good way to increase interactivity.

Whatever your business or the industry you operate in, your website visitors are key to online success. Be sure to internally link to relevant content throughout your copy so that visitors can better interact with your website and also discover the information that they need to in order to convert.

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