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irresistible landing pages

How to Create Irresistible Landing Page Copy

Landing pages often serve as follow-ups to any promises you’ve made in your content, but they can also be the first interaction people have with your brand. This makes landing pages a crucial part of your sales funnel. The key … Read More

Editorial Guidelines guide

What Are Editorial Guidelines? Do You Need Them?

If your content marketing machine demands a consistent quality then you definitely need editorial guidelines. Editorial guidelines are rules that dictate how you write your content in a way that’s appropriate for your audience. Editorial guidelines are not the same … Read More

SEO content writing tools

10 AMAZING Content Writing Tools for SEO (2021 Edition)

Knowing how to write SEO content is the most valuable skill you can bring to a website. This is what separates winners and losers in Google. But you know what? SEO content takes a lot of time to create. Anything … Read More

Content marketing tools

10 BEST Content Marketing Tools (2021 Edition)

Being a content writing agency has its perks. Lots of coffee. Lots of content marketing tools to try out (and boy do we try a lot!). Some content marketing tools are incredible at solving problems. Others improve processes like content … Read More

Tone of voice guide article

How to Create a Tone of Voice Document for your Brand

“How to create a tone of voice document” is split into two parts: Part 1 discusses how to define your tone of voice, and Part 2 discusses how to create a tone of voice document. If you would like to … Read More

Duplichecker Review - 2021 update

Duplichecker Review: The Best Content Plagiarism Detector? 2021 Update

Here at Content Hero, we write for a living. We are a content writing agency in the United Kingdom (Leeds, to be exact). We write A LOT and this means we need a reliable anti-plagiarism tool. We have covered the … Read More

Best plagiarism detectors

The 5 Best Tools for Detecting Content Plagiarism (2021 Edition)

Plagiarism is a real issue that cannot be ignored by professional content marketers. A lot of hard work goes into the production of high-quality unique content, and the very thought of others trying to get a free pass and benefit … Read More

The best WordPress shortcut plugins to download

The Best WordPress Shortcode Plugins (2021 Edition)

The best shortcode plugins in 2021 are easy to use and work with any theme. In this article, we’ll provide recommendations based on field experience. We have a confession to make: we’re crap at coding. There, we said it. But … Read More

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