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Blog Posts not only Engage Visitors, they Keep a Site Freshly Indexed

You have built a website, added amazing and engaging content, and marketed it through press release networks. Now comes the hard part of building a website that the search engines actually want to rank.

The first stage of creating a website that will be ranked in the search engines is to create page titles, meta descriptions and generate meta keyword tags that reflect your services. The meta descriptions and meta keyword tags are not ranking factors, however I always fill them in on my blogs and websites to be consistent. The meta description is important, as this is essentially your sales pitch for searchers.

Most businesses decide to hire a digital agency to manage this aspect of website promotion. The services the digital agency provides should be social media management and link building in order to maximize visibility. The good ones always also know the value of great content.

Adding fresh and unique blog posts to a website is near essential nowadays. Each time a blog post is published, that post will be pinged or Google will be notified through webmaster tools and a sitemap that new content is prime for indexing. The more content that gets added, the more your business website and blog will be indexed.

Jakk Ogden is the founder and CEO of Content Hero.

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