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Content scannable

10 Ways to make your content scannable

You’ve spent days creating a really great article. You finally hit “publish,” but nothing happens. No retweets. No comments. No. Engagement. Whatsoever. No one seems to care about the world-beating article you wrote. What on earth is going on!? A … Read More

Editorial guidelines

What are editorial guidelines, and do you need them?

Editorial guidelines are a set of rules that dictate how you write your content in a way that’s appropriate for your audience. Editorial guidelines are not the same as a tone of voice document. The difference between editorial guidelines and … Read More

Content marketing simple explanation

What is content marketing? A simple explanation

When you consistently create high-quality content, you get results. But it isn’t enough to just develop and create great content. Content needs a strategy behind it to be found by the right people, and in turn, give your business value. … Read More

The best WordPress shortcut plugins to download

The Best WordPress shortcode plugins in 2020

We have a confession to make: we’re crap at coding. There, we said it. But you know what? We get by just fine designing custom content – in fact, we can’t remember the last piece of code we wrote. And it’s … Read More

Content distribution

New to content distribution? Here’s what you need to know

There’s no denying it; content is king. Marketing trends come and go, but the need for high-quality content will never change. But even if you create great content, there’s no guarantee it’ll reach your audience. To get your content seen … Read More

Keyword density

What is the best keyword density for SEO in 2020?

Ask an SEO expert what steps you should take to rank well and creating high-quality content will be among them. A rather grey area of creating that content is keyword density. It’s important to nail this because mentioning keywords too … Read More

Make content better

2 Really Simple Ways to Make Your Written Content Better

Did you know that the attention span of a goldfish is around 9 seconds? That isn’t surprising, but the attention span of humans is. Microsoft published a report in 2015 with findings that the average attention span of a human … Read More

Tone of voice guide article

Your Ultimate Guide to Tone of Voice (ToV)

This guide is split into two parts: Part 1 discusses how to define your tone of voice, and Part 2 discusses how to create a tone of voice document. If you would like to skip to Part 2, click here.  … Read More

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