01. What are your prices?

We have a word bank retainer model where you purchase a bundle of words upfront and draw from them as needed with no monthly commitments.

Our retainers start from £400 and our prices are £0.09 or £0.10 per word depending on topic complexity. This means a £500 retainer will give you circa 5,500 words.

We have a bulk rate for high volume orders. If you need at least 15,000 words, our pricing is £0.08 per word, giving you circa 15,000 words for £1,200.

02. How does payment work?

We will request payment upfront before starting production.

Our minimum retainer is £400. That will give you 4,500 words at £0.09 per word.

We accept payment by BACS from UK and international banks.

03. Do you have any examples?

Better than that, we provide a free 1,000 word trial. Just fill in the form below.

As far as examples go, we provide a white label content writing service and by default have a non-disclosure agreement in place to protect the integrity of our clients’ marketing campaigns.

04. Are there any contracts?

In short, no.

We offer content writing services on a retainer basis without mandatory monthly commitments. This model provides flexibility for clients while ensuring our availability.

05. How do I order?

Just email us what you need. If you use a project management app like Trello, Slack or Basecamp, we’re happy to collaborate with you on there. Our preferred collaboration app is Slack.

If you’d rather just email us, our email address is info@contenthero.co.uk.

06. Is there a briefing process?

You can fill out this brand fact sheet so we can get to know you or your customer. 

If you want your content to have a specific layout, topics, and keywords, you can provide a brief, or we have a brief template for articles, web pages, press releases, case studies and other content formats. 

If you have a number of articles and web pages to get through and you are happy to give us creative rein, we can work from something as simple as a list of topics in a spreadsheet. 

07. Do you use AI to write content?

No, we do not use AI to write content for any of our customers. 

We provide a human-written content writing service backed by real-world experience.

Why don’t we use AI? Because we provide a human content writing service. Every word we write is attributable to a person. This ensures your content is 100% unique. It also ensures you have full copyright.

08. Who will write my content?

Our team of employed writers and editors will produce your content. We do not outsource content creation to freelancers. Everything is produced in-house to assure quality.

09. Can you upload our content?

Sure thing, and we will do it for free!

10. Will you sign an NDA?

Happy to. Send it over to info@contenthero.co.uk.

11. Are you insured?

Yes, we have a professional indemnity insurance policy underwritten by AXA with a level of cover up to £500,000.

12. Are you a limited company?

Yes. Content Hero is a trading name of Punchy Media Ltd, registered company no. 09001114. ‘Content Hero’ is a registered trademark in the United Kingdom, owned by Punchy Media Ltd. Trademark number: UK00003302609. Class: 35, Copywriting.

Yes, you’ll have full copyright over the content we write for you. Ownership passes to you on delivery.

14. Is your service white label?

100%. No one will know we’ve written your content.

15. Do you have any terms and conditions?

We’ve published a client information page here covering our terms of service. If you have a question we haven’t answered here, please email us.

16. How do I contact Content Hero?

You can contact us in three ways:

  • Email info@contenthero.co.uk.
  • Call 07412 877 657, 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday.
  • You can also message us on WhatsApp on the same number. 
17. What other skills do you have?

Content Hero has skills in content strategy, content marketing, SEO, SEM, website design, WordPress + Elementor, PPC, analytics, and copyright. We can advise on a wide range of topics to bring additional value to your business.

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