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New here?

When you first contact us we’ll take the time to discuss your content requirements and answer all your questions. 

We’ll then send over a ‘brand fact sheet’ which asks a few questions about your brand so we can better understand your business, audience, and market.

If you’d like to get a head start, you can download the brand fact sheet here

Place an order

Email us or send us a message in Slack. We’ll pick it up and send over a brief template (if you haven’t already sent one) and ask our usual questions.

Once we understand your project requirements, we’ll provide a quote there and then, discuss timelines and provide an ETA.

Pay your invoice

Payment is required upfront for all work. We accept payment by BACS only. All payment details will be included in your invoice.

Alternatively, you can deposit funds with us (for example, £100). We’ll then accept your orders as they come in and work off the funds per word. 

We get started

Our writers get to work creating your content. You don’t have to worry about anything – we do our own research and fact check everything.

We edit and proofread

After being written, your content will go through two editing stages and a final proofreading stage to ensure it is grammatically perfect and ready for publishing.

Delivery and tweaks

We’ll deliver your content via email. If you prefer, we’ll upload it to your chosen cloud storage platform (for example, Dropbox or Google Drive).

Revisions are welcome to get your content just right, subject to a few conditions (please see FAQs). When you’re happy, we’re happy.

We charge a flat per pence rate – £0.09 or £0.10 per word, depending on the niche and your project.

We quote for all projects individually, which makes sense since your project isn’t the same as anyone else’s.

We don’t have a minimum order.

Our £0.09 per word fee applies to 50 per cent of projects. Our £0.10 per word fee applies to the other 50 per cent. We charge the higher rate for technical and specialist niches (list below).

Here’s what that means:

  • 1,000 words at £0.09 per word – £90
  • 1,000 words at £0.10 per word – £100

We are not VAT registered. All quotes are provided individually so we invite you to get in touch. We don’t bite.

Higher rate niches

SEO and analytics
Online marketing and related industries
Other – As specified upon enquiry if not listed.

You will never pay more than £0.09 or £0.10 per word. 

Of course:

4 articles, 500-words each @ £0.10 per word: £200.00.

5 articles, 400-words each @ £0.09 per word: £180

5-page website, 350-words a page @ £0.10 per word: £175.00. 

10 articles, 1,000-words each: £900 to £1,000.

40 product descriptions, 100-words each @ £0.09 per word: £360.00.

Less than you thought? Please get in touch for a personalised quote on your project. Email

This is subjective. We suppose it depends on what value you place on content and the role of a copywriter.
The day rate for an advanced copywriter is around £300, and some copywriters charge double or triple that.
By charging per word (our fee is £0.09 or £0.10 per word) we’re able to accommodate a wider range of clients and provide an accurate quote on projects whether they’re big or small. 
If we can write 400-words in an hour (minus editing and proofing) it means our hourly rate is £36 or £40. In reality, it takes longer than that to create content to the high standards we set.
We’re seasoned professionals and we have our own editors and proofreaders to maintain high-quality standards. So our rate of £0.09 to £0.10 per word is an absolute steal. 
Quality means everything to us. Consistency too. This requires us to dedicate time to each word and sentence we write. This can only be achieved for a fair fee. Time is money, after all.  

We require payment upfront for all orders. Work cannot commence without payment.

We accept payment by BACS only. This is to prevent fraud. All payment details will be included in your invoice.

You are also welcome to deposit funds with us. If you choose to deposit funds, we’ll accept orders as they come in and work off the funds on a per word basis. 

No free trials, sorry. All writing is paid for.

We’re happy to send examples of our work, and you’re welcome to pay for one article or web page so you can test the water so to speak. 

No, sorry, this isn’t something we can do. We’re not selling oranges. It takes time and skill to write high-quality content and we deserve to be paid for our hard work. We hope you agree. 

Just email us what you need. If you use a project management app like Trello, Slack or Basecamp, we’re happy to collaborate with you on there. Our preferred collaboration app is Slack.

If you’d rather just email us, our email address is

Before you place an order, we ask you to fill in this brand fact sheet so we can get to know you. 

If you want your content to be specific, we have a brief template for articles, web pages, press releases, case studies and other content formats. We ask that this is filled out as best as possible. The brief takes just a few minutes to complete. 

If you have a number of articles and web pages to get through and you are happy to give us creative rein, we can work from something as simple as a list of topics in a spreadsheet. However, please bear in mind if we have creative rein, your entitlement to revision is limited. 

All content goes through two editing and proofreading stages before it reaches you as a first draft. This eliminates grammatical errors and ensures content is good to go once we sign it off. 

We edit and proofread everything ourselves. We’re tone of voice document friendly. Our briefing process is simple and everything’s project managed in-house.

Revision is a regular practice for all copywriters. It’s not always the case that content is spot on the first time. We understand this and will complete revisions within a few days at no extra cost to you.

Our revision policy is as so:

2 rounds of free revision with a supplied brief.

1 round of free revision at our discretion without a supplied brief.

A revision is defined as changes to the copy already written in draft form.

A revision is not a re-write.

A revision is not an edit to satisfy changes in brief. If you change the brief after the first draft, we will charge for the extra words at our standard rate.

A revision is not writing more pages than requested or extending the original order.

A revision is not altering tone of voice – unless you provided a tone of voice document which we didn’t match. 

A revision is not adding new components to a page to satisfy your own creative discoveries after we have written your content. If you want additional information adding, we will charge for the extra words at our standard rate (which will be invoiced for before the revision). 

To be eligible for revision under our policy, you need to supply us with a brief.

As part of our content writing process, we will notify you of this requirement, and we can help you create a brief by supplying a template. Otherwise, you can create your own brief in-house.

By supplying a brief that we agree on, you enjoy the entitlement of two rounds of revision. Further rounds are at our discretion.

If you do not supply a brief, then by default you allow us creative rein on the content. An example is if you give us only an article title to work from. If this is the case, then you accept we can write the topic as we see fit.

Your revision entitlement, in this case, is limited to one round of revision at the discretion of Content Hero. 

Important notes:

We edit and proofread our work, so it is error-free. If you would like your content to use specific language or grammar, you need to provide us with a defined tone of voice or tone of voice document.

In the unlikely scenario there is a typo or grammatical error, this will be rectified free of charge.

We generally only revise content if it does not meet the criteria set out in a brief.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to check all content written by Content Hero prior to its publication.

Small orders (3-5 articles) are often fulfilled in 72-hours but this really depends on what’s being ordered and also when you order it (we don’t work weekends or bank holidays – we’re human, not robots).

We’re happy to book in regular content and deliver this on repeat. We can deliver larger orders in single batches to make workflow simpler. What we can’t do is work miracles. We’re in the business of writing quality content first. You can’t rush that.

No problem. If you have a tone of voice document or brand guidelines, we’re happy to follow them down to a tee.

Delighted to. Please share it with us when you get in touch so we can take a look.

Absolutely, whether you need just a few pages or a hundred. We’ve written the content for hundreds of websites and can provide plenty of examples. Get in touch with a little information and we’ll take it from there.

Sure thing. We’re comfortable uploading, formatting and drafting your content for review in the back end of your website – including web content, blog posts and product descriptions. We have experience with WordPress, Tumblr and custom CMS systems. There’s a fee of just £1 per upload.

100%. No one will know we’ve written your content. If you’re an agency with clients, our relationship is with you, not your client and we state this in writing. We are happy to sign an NDA you write up, or we can supply our own legal document signed and dated.

Absolutely, and we can deliver your articles when you want them.

For monthly content, our clients usually request their batch in one go so they have it ready to publish. The same applies to weekly content. 

For news, trends and current affairs, we can write content as you need it – just send us what you need. 

We write articles, blog posts, web content, long-form content, SEO content, landing pages, squeeze pages, case studies, evergreen content, product descriptions, brochures and every other format you can name. Contact us for examples.

We write content for every niche and vertical. Even saucy ones. 

Yes, we do. We can edit and proofread any existing content you have. We quote for editing and proofing work on a per-project basis. Feel free to get in touch for a quote.

Just English with UK, US, and Australian variances catered for. 

Yes, we’re fully insured.

Although it is not a legal requirement, we understand some organisations require their outsourcing partners to have insurance.

As such, we have a live professional indemnity insurance policy provided by PolicyBee and underwritten by AXA with a level of cover up to £500,000. 

PolicyBee professional insurance broker

Happy to. Send it over.

Yes, you’ll have full copyright over the content we write for you.

With flying colours. For quotes and statistics, we always link to our sources. We have a Duplichecker Premium subscription which you are welcome to use and test your content with. This is better than Copyscape because it allows you to copy and paste your content. 

Nope, no contracts and no Direct Debits. Our service is pay as you go. 

We’ve published a client information page here. It covers some of the questions covered on this page in more detail. If you have a question we haven’t covered, please email us.

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