Bad Website Design and Good Content Writing

Good Website Content cannot Save a Bad Website Design

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Good website design and well written content go hand in hand to create a powerful platform for driving sales. But what if you have just one or the other?

I must visit over 30 websites per day as a unique visitor. As part of my job, one of my daily tasks entails sprawling the internet for blog posts and websites which are relevant to my audience. I do this on the fly, in between writing content and attending meetings, and try my best to remember the best websites I find by either bookmarking them in my web browser or social bookmarking them online. Lately, though, I’ve found myself bookmarking plain bad websites.

For me a website is a failure in the immediate sense if it either lacks good content or has a poor design. A combination of both makes me hit the back button faster than Samuel Groth hit his record breaking tennis serve in the 2012 Busan Open Challenger.

Is your website poorly designed?

Website design can be classed as bad for a number of reasons. A website may be outdated in design, it may feature no videos or podcasts, it may be built in old code, or it may be a nightmare to navigate. Usually, it’s the latter. Poor navigation is my number one pet hate in website design, and the sad thing is, the majority of the time poor navigation hides away a websites best content and thus directs visitors away from what matters.

If your website is poorly designed you will hemorrhage sales. Sales are what drive a business no matter what you offer, and without the customer there is no you. Remember that when you are next on your website.

Of course, killer content writing is also key to driving sales. Well written content can engage, inspire and instill a level of trust in your brand. Writing is a powerful tool that in some ways is better than audio or even video. No matter who your website visitor is they will read at least some of the web page they land on. Usually, this is the top half, or above the fold. This is where web designers and developers love to talk about call to action. If you visit our homepage, we have a call to action above everything else and there we have tried to describe ourselves as best as possible. Our call to action links to our contact page, which offers up numerous ways for digital agencies and potential clients to get in touch with us.

At Content Hero we spend a lot of time writing content for the web. We love what we do, however always feel it is a huge shame when content is applied to a website which features a poor design. Brilliant website content on a poor website design can never live up to its full potential. It can never convert the way it should, it can never reach the people it wants to, and it is in many ways a waste of money for the buyer.

If your website is badly designed, consider getting it fixed before you spend good money on content writing. A good website with good content is 100% more powerful than a bad website with good content.

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James @ IMH Media
James @ IMH Media
8 years ago

Great advice and write up.

I agree completely that bad website design is bad website design. If a website does not point the visitor in the right place, no content will be read. The same goes for video content and audio.

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