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Bored of List Posts? Write a Case Study, or a Q&A Blog Post

Top 10 ways to show someone you love them. Best 5 hot dog vendors in New York. Ultimate 8 places to eat an orange in Europe.

List posts are getting a bit silly these days. The concept is becoming somewhat overdone, out-dated and, sometimes, outright inane.

Of course, there are still many list articles with credibility and usefulness, but for a more valuable approach it is time to move on and consider other options.

The thing is, list posts tend to be short and sharp. This works great for very straightforward topics, or pretty much anything to do with kittens in costume/pretending they’re people/riding other animals. BUT, if you’re trying to impart on your readers a sense of the importance of content marketing, or how they can improve their customer service, a top 5, or even a top 10, just won’t be enough.

Add depth to your articles

More in-depth articles are where it’s at for such topics. These allow the writer to demonstrate their thinking, experience and knowledge in greater detail and really get to the heart of a matter. Case studies are a fantastic example of this.

If the direct-hit of a list article is a must, then try a Q&A article, which will still make for easy reading on the eye. Or opt for a conversation piece, which will have a natural flow that readers can enjoy, but still impart valuable information.

The attraction of a list article is that it promises to give an answer in a direct manner. But there is no reason other article formats cannot do this. Approach each piece in a case study manner – detail the problem, the attempt to solve it, and the outcome – and you can tackle the same topics as top 10’s in a different way.

Lists may get you clicks, but they won’t necessarily get you results or conversions. People are drawn to them, but that does not mean they value them. A story or case study is a much better way to engage visitors, persuade them that you are the company they should deal with, and keep them coming back for more.

Stories can entertain, inspire and inform much more effectively than list posts, and allow you to show brand personality, knowledge and your authority in a clearer way.

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