How long should a blog post be

How long should a blog post be?

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If you’re wondering how long your blog posts should be, you’ve probably heard lots of different answers from lots of different ‘experts’.

The truth is, there is no correct or golden length for a blog post. You should write the amount of words it takes to get your message across. No more, no less.

This goes against the ‘minimum word count’ belief some marketers have, but if you’re writing for human beings, human beings have a very short attention span and every word counts.

So, instead of concentrating on length, focus on what’s important in your writing; substance, style, frequency, format, purpose, audience, and medium; because it is these factors which contribute toward a blog post that’s going to engage your reader – not the length of your piece.

What about the search engines?

We’re not saying you shouldn’t produce blog posts that are in-depth. What we’re saying is you should focus on the quality of your blog post instead of the word count. Besides, topics that need extra information or sections with clarification will naturally be longer anyway. It’s simply all about finding the right balance.

But my marketing friend said…

Stop. Just stop.

Successful blogging is all about striking the perfect balance between getting your message across while keeping your audience interested. Your aim should always be to satisfy your reader and this is achieved by writing educational, entertaining, or inspirational content. If it doesn’t take thousands of words to achieve this, then don’t go overboard.

So, just to recap:

Question: How long should a blog post be?

Answer: The amount of words it takes to deliver valuable information.

Hope this helps.


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