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How Lucky are you to be Reading this Infographic [Infographic]?

“You never know what worse luck your bad luck has saved you from.” – Cormac McCarthy, No Country for Old Men.

How do you define luck?

Depending on who you are, your definition will likely be made up from your own emotional influences throughout life. You might consider yourself to have good luck, or you might consider yourself to be the most unlucky person on the planet. Whatever the case, you’re incredibly lucky to be reading the infographic below (unless, of course, you throw us the bird and close your eyes right away) because as it explains, ‘a long string of improbabilities had to occur at the exact same time just to make it possible for you to read this sentence’.

According to a new infographic from and hosted on Content Staging, there are 7,089,044,501 people alive on this planet, and 1,500,000,000 speak the English language. Despite that, only 810,300,000 literate English speakers have internet access, which means that only 11.4% of the Earth’s population can understand and access this infographic.

Take a look at the infographic embedded below and click on it to view full size. It’s an interesting read.

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Luck Infographic

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