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How frequently should a company blog?

By now, you’ll be aware of the benefits that a company blog can bring. Therefore, let’s not go into much detail about why you should be writing unique, informative and entertaining content, but rather how often you should publish blog posts for your audience to read, enjoy and share.

The audience is your priority

As we mentioned in a previous post concerning word count, there is no correct length for a blog. Instead, content should be long enough to effectively get your message across by concentrating on substance, style, frequency, format, purpose, audience and medium, as these are the factors that will engage your reader.

In many respects, the frequency of blogging follows the same principle. There is no point posting something new every day if it doesn’t give your audience value. At the same time, sporadic or irregular content won’t appeal to readers either.

Therefore, much like word count, the rate at which you write, publish and distribute blog posts should be determined by your customers’ requirements.

Expert marketing opinion

Even though you should adhere to the wants and needs of your target audience, most marketers are in agreement that blogs should be posted on a regular and continual basis. Some believe that you can get away with publishing content on a weekly or even monthly basis, as long as copy is of a high standard and contains accurate statistics and links to authoritative sources.

Then again, others feel that SEO and social media success will only come about if blogs are churned out as frequently as possible. After all, Google, Bing and Yahoo! reward sites that are constantly updating their content.

But once again, it is about striking the perfect balance between consistency and quality. If you have the competency and capacity to produce the same calibre of content several times a week, then online prosperity will be easier to achieve. But if one blog isn’t as good as the rest, think again before publishing and distributing.

Pointers to consider/ action points

Always have an objective in mind – There should always be a reason or intention behind each and every blog post you create. If not, readers will struggle to reap the rewards a blog can bring. From telling real-life stories to revealing new product updates, there are numerous things you can blog about.

Come up with a schedule and stick to it – If you set yourself a realistic schedule for writing a blog, visitors will know when new material will be posted and should keep coming back for more. Setting aside some time to write original content also increases the consistency and quality of your posts.

Publish a blog once a week – If you are still unsure about how regularly you should be publishing a blog, aim to write and post at least one per week. Most marketers agree this is enough to satisfy most SEO and social media requirements. It also isn’t overkill.

So, how often should a company blog? Well, it completely depends on how much content your audience can consume over a period of time. If they can consume lots of new content, then by all means pump your blog full of content. If the market suggests a soberer approach, then take it.


Jakk Ogden is the founder and CEO of Content Hero.

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