How to write a value proposition

How to Write a Killer Value Proposition for your Business

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Why should a potential customer click your buy button instead of your competitors?

If you can answer the question above without thinking, then you have a killer value proposition. Our value proposition is that we write better content than anybody else and at a lower price.

A value proposition is essentially a unique selling proposition. It needs to speak directly to your target customers and engage them. A strong value proposition will enable your business to go head to head with your competitors and succeed online.

In order to write a killer value proposition, there are a few things that you should know. These are:

1. Word count: A value proposition is always short and sweet

A value proposition is not made up of walls of text. They are in fact a few sentences long and get to the point almost immediately. Before you begin to write your value proposition, remember that as a basic rule it should be between 10 and 30 words.

2. Value: Why should a potential customer click your buy button instead of your competitors?

What makes your business valuable? What benefits can your services / products bring to your customer? Your value proposition should first and foremost answer this question, directly relating to your target market. Remember that nobody will ever buy from you if they are not confident of your value.

3. Proof: Back up your value with examples

Nobody likes a show off and nobody likes a know-it-all. However, if you claim to offer something that is ‘the best’ online you need to prove it. Otherwise your claims are worthless. Testimonials and case studies can back up your value. Ensure to link to them within reach of your value proposition.

4. Creative vs. to the point: There are two types of value proposition

Creative value propositions are always a higher word count than to the point ones offering more information but run the risk of sounding like a marketing speech. To the point value propositions simply define what a company offers and what the customer will get from them. Personally, we prefer to the point value propositions.

5. Mind reading: Remember that the jury is still out on psychics

Your potential customer is not a super hero and they cannot mind read. Therefore, your value proposition MUST tell your potential customer why they should buy from you. Even if your value proposition offers value and proof, it may not be targeted well enough towards your market. Also remember that you are not a psychic either; for the perfect value proposition, do not be afraid to trial and error a few value propositions or switch words around to make your value proposition more effective.

Have you recently written a value proposition for yourself or a client? Let us know, comments are open below or you can get in touch with Content Hero on Facebook and Twitter @content_hero.

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