Daniel Clutterbuck Interview

Interview: Daniel Clutterbuck, Co-founder of UK Digital Retail Agency Webtise

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This is the very first post in a new series called Interviews at Content Hero, where we’ll be chatting to industry leaders and agencies about content marketing and how it can affect success.

Today we are chatting to Daniel Clutterbuck of UK digital retail agency Webtise, based on the Wirral. Webtise live and breathe commerce and are a passionate, results driven company, offering ecommerce strategies to large and small companies.

Tell us about Webtise, how long have you been going?

Webtise has been going for 5 years now ever since Graham and I did a management buyout of our previous employers. We started with 4 staff and now employ 22! It’s been a roller coaster of a journey but well worth it.

Even over 5 years the landscape has massively changed in our industry. We used to think a content management system was modern, never mind the algorithmic changes Google has now done to make us all a little more grey haired!

As a digital agency, what does Webtise think of content marketing?

Content is… (I’m not going to conform and say it!) …the future of the SEO industry. Link attraction will replace link building and to achieve this, you need quality content.

What’s your favourite format of content to distribute?

No preference really as long as it’s varied and hits the target audience well. A good mixture of visual, informative and helpful content combined with superb outreach will help brands stand out from the spam crowd.

What do you think is the biggest challenge eCommerce faces in 2013?

Innovation. Without doubt, the only way to topple the big boys and gain market share is to invest in ideas. Ideas win battles and with social media, those ideas can make market superstars overnight.

What new industry trends are you most excited about?

Responsive ecommerce. We’ve stopped developing anything other than responsive design now due to its conversion rates that kick-ass! Some of our clients have seen 800% (yes, 800%) increases in order volumes due to the mobile and tablet optimised framework.

Let’s talk results; has content marketing had a positive impact on your clients?

Absolutely, we’ve got some of our clients getting 2000 visits a day from a “How to” post or an infographic that generated 300 referring domains. SEO and Social are brought together with content marketing.

Cats vs. Dogs – which do you prefer?


You can find on Twitter @DClutt.

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4 responses to “Interview: Daniel Clutterbuck, Co-founder of UK Digital Retail Agency Webtise”

  1. Simon Greller says:

    Hi Daniel, Jakk,

    An interesting interview – I myself have found content marketing to be an extremely lucrative opportunity for my company. I own a number of online gaming websites which are hard to promote from a traditional SEO point of view, and high quality content has enabled us to interact with an amount of customers we never thought possible.

    For us, interactive games and demos have been the most effective forms of content, and we’ve been lucky enough to source websites to place these forms of content on with a solid readership. The result? Lots and LOTS of subscribers, the bread and butter of any community.



    • Jakk says:


      Interactive games, demos are a great way to interact with potential customers and snatch their attention. I’d be interested to chat more about gaming and how you have grown your companies through the use of content marketing. I’ve sent an email to your address.


  2. […] 6. ”Content is… (I’m not going to conform and say it!) …the future of the SEO industry. Link attraction will replace link building and to achieve this, you need quality content.” Daniel Clutterbuck, Co-Founder of Webtise […]

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