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Is your Brain Geared for Marketing? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Despite over a hundred years of research into the human brain, we don’t yet fully understand it. And, despite over a thousand years of marketing, we still have much to learn about maximising effectiveness, and especially so with regard to content.

The truth is, some folk just aren’t cut out for marketing, because their brain isn’t geared for it – but what is the anatomy of an effective marketing brain?

A new infographic created by HarteHanks called “A Look Inside the Marketing Mind” will give you some indication. It splits the left side of the brain and the right side of the brain and divides each into sections, to show how the combination of left-brain data-driven thinking with right-brain content-driven thinking is key to optimised marketing in today’s digital space. It’s an interesting infographic, with plenty of information to digest. Here’s some of the information highlights:

Left-brain data:

  • 86% of professionals use analytics to drive actionable recommendations
  • 64% of best in class companies unify data on customers through multiple touchpoints
  • 86% of best in class companies maintain customer data and track interactions.

Right-brain data:

  • Effective B2B content marketers use multiple tactics to distribute content
  • Leading companies are twice as likely to track lead attribution to specific content
  • 92% of organisations believe creating high-quality content is valuable.

You can check out the infographic below (click it to view full size) or you can visit our original source, Social Times. Enjoy!

The Anatomy of an Effective Marketing Brain

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