Industry: Automotive – Remapping/ chip tuning

Hyperchips is Manchester’s leading ECU tuning specialist. Founded and run by Steve Burgess, they tune hundreds of vehicles a month from Lamborghinis to VW Transporters.

The gig

We’ve worked with Hyperchips since 2014 to develop and create evergreen articles for their blog and refine their website content. Our writing has increased time on site, reduced bounce rates and led to more enquiries (data compiled by Google Analytics).

ECU tuning and remapping is a highly specialised industry, but we’ve a great deal of experience in it. We’ve written for three main tuning companies, including Hyperchips, to create industry-leading content. We know everything there is to know about OBD tuning, ECU removal, DPF removal and EGR removal.

From blog posts and downloadable guides to website content, we write it all.


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