Nursery Furniture UK

Nursery Furniture Case study

Industry: Retail – nursery furniture

Nursery Furniture UK sell a wide range of nursery furniture, including cot beds, dressers and wardrobes from top brands, such as Boori, Quax and Bebe. Their unique selling point? They deliver and assemble all furniture purchased through their website for FREE.

The gig

To bring the Nursery Furniture UK brand to life with beautiful content, and populate the website with unique, engaging product descriptions.

We were asked to write category content for the website, branded content for the static pages, and engaging product descriptions. We were also asked to recommend a tone of voice for the content; something that would stand out in a crowded market.

Our solution

Research, write, edit, refine. Rinse and repeat.

The Nursery Furniture UK website is an e-commerce store that sells nursery furniture, and there’s plenty of them. But, they are the only company who also build the furniture they sell for free. We decided that every customer touch point on the website had to mention this.

To create their branded content and product descriptions, we downloaded around 100 brochures from around the web. These had accurate product specifications in them that we could use as a source material. This research was provided at no extra cost to the customer. It was also important that we wrote for the target market, with a tone of voice that would appeal to new parents. We found a conversational tone best.

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  • Pram writers
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  • Boori

Client feedback

“The content they wrote for our nursery furniture start-up is second to none. It’s of a higher quality than anything published by the brands we sell. Our product descriptions are exceptional and our brand has a voice.”

- Darren Ashworth, Nursery Furniture Co