P Burtle Creative

Industry: Graphic design

Paul Burtle is a graphic designer in Leeds. His agency, P Burtle Creative, specialises in logo design and brand development. Paul’s proven branding strategies have helped over a hundred SMEs flourish since 2011, and he works closely with business owners to create powerful assets (business cards, brochures, flyers, etc.) that deliver fantastic results. We’ve worked with Paul since 2012.

The gig

To write high-quality content for P Burtle Creative and clients 

Paul contacted us because he wanted to work with a reliable content writing agency, having been let down by freelancers in the past. We helped him create and deliver new content for a client website back in 2012, and we’ve worked together ever since. The gig now is to write monthly content for his clients, as and when required. As always with our service for digital and web agencies, we work directly with Paul. We don’t have contact with his clients.

Our solution

Research and understand the brands we write for to create great content 

Before we write anything for Paul’s clients, we do our research to understand the brands we are writing for. Paul and his team know their clients better than anybody, so they create their client’s blog post titles for us based on keyword research – although we do recommend topics too. We then write the blog posts and landing pages for them on a per-order basis. We write for half a dozen of Paul’s clients every month, sometimes more, and we always deliver content on time.


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Client feedback

“Content Hero have produced excellent blog posts for my client to be used for social media and to drive customer engagement. The feedback from customers on social media has been high, with Content Hero delivering unique content that really does work for the industry it is being written for. I highly recommend them.”

- Paul Burtle, CEO