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SkillPoint are a provider of e-learning courses and industry certifications. Areas of study include project management, change management, portfolio management, IT management, software testing and data protection.

The gig

We were sked to produce high quality articles which would be used for outreach. The articles would end up on other blogs and industry publications so needed to be useful and valuable for a professional audience.

Our work

We’ve been writing for SkillPoint for around a year and have written 50 to 60 articles for them to date. We recommend titles which are approved by the client and then written by us. We produce one to two articles a week covering a wide variety of themes, from making a career change to how to get paid more.

Each piece is well received and we ramp up production on request, enabling SkillPoint to produce enough content for their marketing activities.

"We found our time being eaten up writing content for outreach. Content Hero have solved that. Now we have the resources to create enough content we are free to get on with running our business."
Liucina Bogdevic
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