SmartWatches 4U

Industry: Consumer technology

Content for a smartwatch publication with big ambitions

SmartWatches 4U is a professional publication and online smartwatch resource. With over 90,000 unique visitors per month and counting, SmartWatches 4U is growing fast. The website makes most of its money through affiliate advertising, for which the website needs high-quality articles to pull in highly-targeted visitors. When founder Martin Simkin contacted us, the website was ticking away but needed a kick to really get going. We were delighted to assist.

The gig

“We want you to create great content for our blog, improve its search presence, and engage the reader”

The gig was to improve the search engine performance of SmartWatches 4U with quality content. We were instructed to create long-form content in the form of articles for the ‘Featured Articles’ section on the website, and to keep the ‘Latest News’ section updated with fresh, current articles. Martin wanted SmartWatches 4u to grow, and for that he needed the website to pull in new visitors. Thankfully, we met each other at the right time and we created a content plan for the website.

Our solution

Long-form content, regular news articles, and keyword research

We created articles (blog posts) with a word count of between 1,000 and 2,500 words for the ‘Featured Articles’ section on the website. Published at a rate of around 3 per month, these articles quickly gained traction with the search engines. We also kept the ‘Latest News’ section on the website updated with fresh content, usually covering new smartwatch releases, Kickstarter campaigns and market analysis. Our writing was requested on-demand by the client, and we recommended topics based on our own keyword research.

We did our own product research for all the content published on SmartWatches 4U. We looked at OEM websites, downloaded brochures, and contacted the OEMs directly to confirm specifications if needed. The result? Accurate content that gives the reader value. You can’t ask for more than that.

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Client feedback

“Content Hero have delivered awesome content that has propelled our website rankings since we began using them. Not only is their content expertly written and delivered on time, they are always a pleasure to work with too. Without any doubt, we would not have enjoyed such great success without the expertise of Content Hero.”

- Martin Simkin