Top Tip: Regular Blog Entries help to keep your Website at the Top of Google

Top tip for the day! You can help to keep your website at the top of the search engines by writing regular blog entries. Sounds too good to be true, right?

It isn’t. It really works. At Content Hero we work alongside of digital agencies who manage many online marketing strategies for their clients and they all say the same thing; that regular quality content added to a blog is an essential element to good search engine rankings.

Of course, the formula to success with this is obvious – the more quality content added to a site the more relevant it will be to Google. The higher the quality of content the more it will get shared thus boosting your websites authority. If your website does not regularly add blog entries, why should Google bother with you?

The trick to writing high quality content regularly is to have ideas for that content in the first place. To help you with that we wrote a post on headline formulas not long ago and also a super awesome blog post on how to drum up new content ideas when the pipeline falls flat.

So what about word count? Formatting? Media?

You should aim for a word count of around 400+ words with blog posts and also add images or video to spice the topic up a little bit and increase engagement. This will also make it easy for people to Pin your articles to Pinterest and watch videos from experts in your industry, without leaving your website to visit YouTube or Vimeo.

If your blog is made up of posts that are under 400 words, we would class that as a low quality portfolio.

Internal links are also incredibly important within blog posts as they are a platform for connecting with potential customers. Make sure to internally link to your best content and relevant services pages.


We are at the top of Google for our 2 major keyword terms (as of June 2013, FYI) “content writing services” and “content writing solutions” because we write high quality content every single week. We haven’t done much in way of SEO except optimise our website and keep it updated. Google loves this and they will LOVE your website too.

If your business does not have time to write regular blog entries we can do it for you. Just check out our content writing services page for more information. With all of our writing priced at just £0.04 per word, our content is significantly cheaper than the competition and we know how to write for the search engines and also your brand. We can also write you a 400 word blog post for free! Simply get in touch at that link for more information.

Image credit: John Harder.

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