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Content Hero provides an essential service for our company. We tried freelancers for years without success. With Content Hero, we are confident in producing SEO-friendly content and we have seen amazing results. With one article alone we generate dozens of orders each month. I highly recommend them."
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Kasim Javed MCIM
Creative Marketing Ltd

Content Writing Services

Our content writing service is designed to scale up while maintaining the highest editorial standards for quality.  

What We Write

The two most important aspects of content creation are understanding who will consume the content, and why. Once we know the who and why, everything else comes naturally. 


Great articles hook the reader. They are shareable and valuable. They can be published on your blog, or any other proven platform like LinkedIn.

Website Content

The words on your website matter as much as the design. Whether you're updating your website or launching a new one, it needs brilliant content.

Product Descriptions

A great product description sells your product for you. There's a reason big brands spend thousands here - because they get millions back.

Long-Form Content

Long-form content exceeds 1,000 words. The point is to deliver in-depth information and be helpful. Common formats include tutorials and guides.

Evergreen Content

Evergreen content stays relevant indefinitely. The beauty is it will continue to bring value to your business long after it is written. Perhaps decades from now.

Case Studies

There is no finer way to share your experience and results than with a great case study. If you have customer success stories to tell, we'll write them for you.

Headline Creation

Don't have the time to dream up your own topics for articles? We can do this for you. Our fee is £1 per headline / title - well worth it for the time you'll save.

Press Releases

Nothing spreads the word like a great press release. We've written hundreds of them for all manner of announcements. We'll write yours too.

SEO Content

You provide the keyword, we write the content and structure it. Primary keywords, secondary keywords, long-tail keywords, semantics. We know what we're doing.

"Easily the best content writing services around. Our articles are getting shared and commented on all the time. Engagement is up. Sales are up. Simply brilliant."
Liucina Bogdevic
MD, Skillpoint UK
transparent pricing

Our prices are simple

Our standard price per word is £0.08, rising to £0.09 or £0.10 per word for technical topics. x5 500-word articles will cost a maximum of £250.

ordering is simple

By email, app or IM

Order via email, Slack, Trello, or your preferred collaboration app (so long as we can download it for free). We'll pick up your order in an hour or less.

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Assure content quality
your project matters to us

We actually care

When we produce content for you, we do so with the same care as our own brand. We want the words on your page to ooze quality and win you more business.

What do you need?

We write everything

Articles, blog posts, landing pages, case studies, product descriptions ... whatever it is you need, you can count on us to do a top job. It's what we do.

Order easily

Get a quote today

If you’d like to see examples of the content we’ve written for other brands, just get in touch. 

We’re completely transparent about our prices. Our rate is set at £0.08, £0.09 or £0.10 per word.

5 articles at 500-words each would be priced at a maximum of £250.00. We don’t have a minimum order and we write for all industries. 

Get in touch today for 10% off a trial piece and a free quote. We respond in less than 24-hours. 

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