The Content Marketing Matrix Infographic

Following on from our infographic on why our brains crave infographics, we’ve come across a neat content marketing infographic entitled The Content Marketing Matrix from Smart Insights. It’s a clever infographic that shows you the many ways that content marketing can be used for your business.

Working on the premise that awareness leads to a purchase and emotion leads to rationality, the infographic aggregates content formats in to groups. The groups, Entertain, Inspire, Educate and Convince, all include forms of content that your business or agency may have never thought of creating.

Some of these are:

– Branded videos
– Games
– Trend reports
– Product features
– Celebrity endorsements

There are plenty more great content ideas within the infographic, which you can find embedded below. Click on it to see it full size. Enjoy!

Content Marketing Infographic Content Hero

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