WordPress Mobile, Brooks Hatlen and being a Better Blogger

For me, WordPress is the best blog content management system in the world. As a professional user of WordPress on my own network of blogs and business websites for just over 5 years, having set up prior to this a number of small time websites as a hobby, the WordPress CMS has proved a valuable tool for my online ventures. When I first stepped in to the realm of WordPress the single biggest thing which genuinely inspired me was the amount of customization that could be made to a website and the ease in which anybody could operate the back-end. Whether one would like a simple blog with great looking buttons to their social media profiles or a fully fledged commerce store to generate new leads as an eBay seller, WordPress is a content management system for the masses and one which has proven itself as a valuable tool for any aspiring online entrepreneur.

Completely open source and wonderfully intuitive, WordPress is currently powering well over 60 million websites around the world. With such success, the team behind WordPress are well versed in developing trends and in 2008 they released the first ever version of their mobile app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Despite the app being launched after its competitor, TypePad, the WordPress app saw hundreds of thousands of downloads within the first few weeks of launch alone.

No matter what smartphone you have, chances are there is a WordPress app

According to Strategy Analytics (link to press release), 700 million smartphone handsets were shipped by manufacturers during 2012. Now that’s one heck of a lot of hardware. Of that hardware, Samsung and Apple accounted for half of those shipments alone, making iOS and Android two mobile platforms that any business thinking about creating an app should consider above others. Naturally, WordPress has an app for both.

The WordPress app is available through iTunes for iOS devices, the Google Play Store for Android devices, BlackBerry World for BlackBerry devices and Windows Phone 8 devices. Being open source the app is free on all mobile platforms.

How the WordPress app can help you be a better blogger

In the rather wonderful film The Shawshank Redemption, Brooks Hatlen portrayed by James Whitmore was released from prison after serving 50 years of a life sentence. Upon release and later in a suicide letter to his friends still incarcerated, he said something which has for some reason stuck with me for years “Dear fellas, I can’t believe how fast things move on the outside. I saw an automobile once when I was a kid, but now they’re everywhere. The world went and got itself in a big damn hurry.” That wonderful piece of film writing is very true of today’s digital world, and it is no longer seen by many as acceptable to only be connected to one another through text messages, a phone call, or by email on the computer. Now we are expected by our peers to have social media profiles and a smartphone. One can not walk down the street without seeing a rectangular piece of glass glued to the hands of an individual, yet whilst Brooks Hatlen was not seduced by the idea of people hurrying around, our smartphones have actually benefited our lives by helping us get more productivity out of our time.

Whilst on the move, WordPress is one tool which any blogger should have to make better use of their time.

The WordPress mobile app has seen numerous updates to it since it was released in 2008. Now, it’s more powerful than ever. It is the same on iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone with the same features, so no matter what platform you are on you are not missing out versus the guy next to you.

The WordPress app for mobile devices will help you be a better blogger by freeing up your time and allowing you to blog from anywhere. Much like a smartphone or tablet will let you fire off email whilst on the commute, it is also a lucrative blogging tool and will allow you to easily create new blog posts, edit existing blog posts, approve blog posts, create new WordPress pages, upload quick photo’s, upload quick video’s, and manage all blog comments. The app itself is split up in to an easy to interpret interface of 10 boxes, however you can also load within the app the desktop version of the WordPress dashboard, if there is some custom functionality not available within the app for your website.

What is a good blogger?

At Content Hero we believe that a good blogger is one who is on top of managing all aspects of their website and also somebody who is effectively directing the vision of their blog. Writing blog posts and approving new comments is one thing, however writing each blog post, formatting each blog post, marketing each blog post and following up on each blog post whilst simultaneously managing prior content is another. Not everybody has what it takes to dedicate time and become a successful blogger, however those with the drive to achieve success – and the WordPress mobile app to manage their website on the move – will ultimately find it.

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