Righting the Write Way

Thought for the Day: Are you Righting the Write Way?

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Guess what?

I misspelled my articles headline.

Guess why?

To grab your attention.

Did it work?

Well, if you’re here, I think the answer is clear.

As publishers, we have a duty to write in the right way. Our words are powerful, and they are the very backbone of our brand; without them, we are nothing. With them, we can achieve anything.

But, as a wise man once told me, our writing can also limit our potential.


It’s simple – humans are hardwired to spot mistakes in other peoples work. Have you ever read something and found yourself going back over it again and again, reading it out loud to try and understand it?

It only takes one typo, spelling error, grammatical mistake, cliché or stock phrase on a website to lose the confidence of your visitor and no matter what industry you operate within, this is relevant to you – the internet is filled with low quality content (content which I like to call junk), and as internet users, I believe we have come to expect it. BUT I, you, and your customers don’t expect to find bad writing and bad content on a website that is, essentially, trying to sell something.

Am I right?

Put yourself in your customers shoes and ask yourself – how good is a service going to be when care hasn’t been taken to describe it?

In the real world, writing the wrong way will hold your brand back. It will limit your sales potential. Your potential customers expect nothing but the best from you, and this starts with your content, the very first thing your potential customers will see.

Writing the right way isn’t only about perfect copy, though…

…writing needs to evoke emotion in the reader.

Without emotion there can be no reaction. It is that reaction that your writing aims to create.

So, next time you are writing for your brand, do it the right way.


I’ll be discussing that in an upcoming blog post – Righting the Write Way Part II. In it, I talk about how to create compelling copy for your customers; writing that engages, writing that is valuable, writing that sells; and I’ll dive head first into tackling the biggest issue brands face with their copy – getting the tone right.

So, bookmark this article, favourite it on Twitter, or add the Content Hero blog to your readlist.

Speak soon.

If you’re struggling to write for your brand and your customers, Content Hero can help. Read all about us or try us for free today.

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