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13 Reasons your Brain Craves Infographics

Why do we Crave Infographics? New Interactive Infographic Highlights 13 Reasons

We don’t need to tell you that at Content Hero we love infographics.

Over the past month we’ve covered two that took our fancy, including one on The Current State of Content Marketing and another on The Digital Marketing Trio of 2013.

Infographics allow website visitors to digest more information than through text alone on a specific subject, as they’re visually appealing and when designed well a whole lot more scannable.

But why do our brains crave them and when we stumble across an interesting infographic why do we have to read it there are then?

A new interactive infographic from NeoMan aims to find out, with some incredibly interesting facts and figures on infographics and the human brain.

Key facts from the infographic

– Almost 50% of your brain is involved in visual processing

– Infographics counter information overload due to being more visually appealing

– 67% vs. 50% of an audience were persuaded by a message with visual information

– 80% of people remember what they see and do vs. 20% of people remember what they read

The infographic is interactive so features some funky animations. There are plenty of other interesting facts in the infographic to feast your eyes on too.

We would have embedded the full infographic below so you didn’t need to actively visit another website, but alas the interactive infographic is non embedding. So you’ll need to follow this link to the full infographic by the team at NeoMan for further reading.


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