Writing a Book? Need Help Publishing? Sir / Madam, Read this Post…

Writing a book is something I need to cross off my bucket list. If you’re thinking about writing a book, you really need to read this post.

Not this post, THIS POST.

Copyblogger is always full of fresh and insightful topics for the content marketer and writer. It’s by far and away my favourite blog. By reading the post linked above, you will:

– Learn 21 things you need to know about publishing

– Gain valuable insights in to a publishers world

– Get tips on how to be a better blogger

– Learn how to effectively edit your content and make sure it is ready for the world

The article, written by self-proclaimed unattractive man James Altucher (@jaltucher on Twitter), is an enthralling read on self-publishing, sweat and perseverance.

Also, be sure to scan all of Copybloggers other amazing posts. As a business owner, blogger or content marketer you’ll find some incredibly valuable stuff that will help you be faster, stronger and better online. Thank me later.

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