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West Yorkshire,
LS1 2NE.

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For all new and existing customer enquiries, please email us at info@contenthero.co.uk anytime, 7 days a week. We respond in 24-hours or less, even on weekends.

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Send us a message or an email with your phone number, the name of your business and your URL (if applicable) and we'll call you at a convenient time to discuss your project.

Why no phone number?

We had a telephone number a few years ago but we were inundated with nuisance calls, so we took the decision to remove our number. We hope you understand. Blame the PPI folk.

"Hello there, and thank you for your interest in Content Hero. Our content writing agency is on a mission to help brands like yours create industry-leading content. If you want spectacular content for your business, you're in the right place. We'll manage all aspects of your content creation and deliver a quality end product. That's my personal guarantee."
Jakk Ogden, owner
Jakk Ogden
Founder & MD, Content Hero

Quick Facts


100% unique

Unique, original. Whatever you want to call it, we write every word ourselves.



We're in the business of creating high-quality content, and nothing else.


we have flat fees

£0.09 or £0.10 per word. Please contact us for a proper quote on your project.


Ordering is easy

Order content by email, Slack or your preferred collaboration app.

We respond quickly

New orders are responded to in an hour or less, sometimes in minutes.

We write all formats

Articles, landing pages, product descriptions ... you name it, we write it.


Well established

We've been in the game since 2012 with hundreds of happy customers.


fully insured

We have professional indemnity insurance with PolicyBee covering up to £500,000.

"The quality and consistency of the content is up there with the very best."
Gordan Bosnjak
Pronto Media Limited

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